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2010's Historic Hotel Bethlehem examination was very successful for everyone. Afterwards we were invited to give a formal presentation to the public during a weekend long presentation.

The weekend was a great success and the Hotel Bethlehem management invited us to make it an annual event. In return we have unlimited/unrestricted access to examine all parts of the hotel to check into the multitude of staff and guest paranormal experiences. As you can imagine this is a Paranormal Investigators dream come true. To be able to return to corroborate whatever evidence we obtained on previous examinations, etc.

The annual event can be seen on facebook by clicking on this link;

The GhostBreakers & Hotel Bethlehem's Haunted weekend.

Since we were asked to reveal our findings to the public it makes this a non-confidential examination so I can and will be posting photos, etc on the site as they become available. However, only the previous event items will be posted as the newest items are saved for the next coming event. 

First a short explanation of the Hotel Property history.

These are the 3 versions of the 2 major hotels that have been on this exact site since 1794. Prior to the first Eagle Hotel stood the first house of Bethlehem Pennsylvania where the town was born and named. So this exact piece of property had people living (and dying) on it for more than 250 years.

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