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This page is for my personal theories based on the research and investigations that I have done throughout my life. I am researching these methods myself. These methods are based on Scientific theory, logic and personal  experience.
Please DO NOT take anything here as fact. If you feel that anything on this site has merit, then I would suggest you try it for yourself and publish your results. I will publish results when and if I can. Thank You.

The following is a theory I have regarding EVP's and the use of EMF detectors.

 I have read stories on EVP's for years and I, like many, have formulated my own theories because of certain things that I have experienced.

    Then I read an idea of an experiment of a microphone in a jar called the Bell Jar Experiment. I have also read of underwater experiments, among many other types of experiments that minimize outside interference naturally w/o cleaning up the EVP electronically. This intrigued me because of the fact that some think that cleaning up an EVP recording makes it less credible. I don't know about that but I thought that if you can capture a clean EVP then you are ahead of the game.
    Also over the years I have read about sound and how it travels and how it is captured, etc. Now, I am trying an idea that I have not heard of being used before.
    Ideally what I want is a very quiet environment to try and capture EVP's. The jar experiment would help do that as the jar would block out most sound. However, the jar is solid and could conduct some external sounds. Especially if bumped or moved.  So I am conducting EVP work without an external microphone.
    Here is a short story of mine. I was in Gettysburg, and my group decided to check out the different places we had heard of. We took Mark Nesbitt's tour and asked them what was the most haunted place in Gettysburg. We were told 2 different places and went to both. At one of the places I took one of our recorders and left it in our vehicle and locked it. I parked well away from anyone. It was always in view and no one ever went near our vehicle. None the less we caught an EVP.
    After this I did some more research and read what I could about other theories. I have since adopted a theory of my own. I still believe EVP's are of spirits but, that EVP's, are not sound but impulses picked up by the recorder or tape directly, not by the microphone. Then transformed into sound.
     Now hear me out. Simply put, microphones pick up changes in air pressure. The sound waves are picked up by a microphone which converts them into electronic impulses. These impulses are amplified in the recorder. Then pass through the heads which give out a magnetic impulse and then recorded on the passing tape. Now, roughly speaking, a microphone is designed to pick up physical changes in air pressure and the sound waves are in a range closely comparable to the human ear. 
    This being the case, any EVP picked up by a microphone should have been heard by everyone present when it was recorded. However, they almost never are?????  If they are heard then they are physical sound and probably not a spirit. Remember EVP is electronic voice phenomena not spirit voices.
    I believe, that EVP's are the impulses made by the energy produced by an entity and not physical sounds emanating from the entity. So, maybe, in certain conditions it could be directly picked up by a recorder. Maybe the EVP's we are catching are bypassing the microphone and maybe microphones are even interfering with capturing EVP's and we are missing more than capturing.
    Now, I have to say that I am not a fan of EMF detectors in their traditional use by Ghost Hunters. We don't use them to walk around thinking that a reading is a ghost. The simple reason is that most anything can give you a reading on an EMF detector. Remember what they were designed and built for. I have even seen readings in the middle of a field. However, I will be the first to admit that I am adjusting my thinking as to the application of an EMF detector.  There is always an exception to the rule and here is why.
    If an EVP, is an electromagnetic charge being picked up directly by the tape as I suspect, then a tape recorder should always be used with an EMF detector. This way one backs up the other. So when you get a spike on an EMF meter you should also then get an EVP or soon after. So every time you get a new reading you should say it into the recorder. This gives you a referrence point to look for your EVP's also.
    Now, I am also experimenting using a tape recorder with a disconnected microphone in conjunction with an EMF detector and my regular & digital recording devices to see if there is a difference, or if one picks up more than the other, etc. (this is for those of you who are doing or want oto do research. Researchers know that you must use all methods) So far for me, so good. However, that is what the guy who jumped off the tall building said as he passed each floor. "So far, So good!"  No Risk... No Gain!   Now granted some might think this is a far fetched idea. But, just running around with a camera and a recorder is Ghost Hunting and isn't really investigating or research, is it? 
    I hope no one takes offense to any of my statements. I encourage everyone to do their own thing using their own methods.  I do a lot of things that would be considered odd or far fetched by those who claim to be the experts in this field.
    However, not until we have a proven method for something, we can say; "That is what should be done." Until then, I say, go for it. Do what you feel is the right thing for you, regardless of what you have heard or read. I will never be a follower or jump on a bandwagon because it is popular. I am not as interested in being accepted by the so called experts, as I am being acknowledged for my efforts by the novice. Whether my ideas are popular or not. I am not afraid of failure, only of not being able to try. If my failures should help some to avoid certain things and follow another path then I have accomplished something. You have to realize that if you follow the norm and never think outside the box then you will always be limited to what others have told you. If everyone thought like that then we would still be in the Dark Ages. Think about it. Of all the "experts" out there, we still don't have concrete proof. So if you blindly follow... What have you accomplished by parroting someone else?  If it is not working for them. What make you think it will work for you?

My Theory on some Ghost Sightings and Possible Time Travel.

This is my theory and has not had much exposure to the public that I have seen but In my experiences it does explain a lot. This is in reference to what others call Residual Hauntings. I don't believe in residual hauntings and think the word residual is being used wrong when used in reference to the paranormal. Residual - 1 : of, relating to, or constituting a residue.     2 : leaving a residue that remains effective for some time. So when some one refers to a residual haunting as like watching a movie as most do. It is incorrct. Residue means something is still there but just a remnent.  Maybe they need to use another word to explain what they mean.   My theory below will explain better what I think.

There are many sightings around the world which are repetitive in nature. Meaning that many people report seeing the same exact entity or occurrence, time after time in the same place. Like soldiers marching by. A lady walking down the hall. A child playing, etc., and no interaction with the living. This is what some call residual. I think it may be something else.

Now I hope I can explain this well enough for you to understand what I believe may be happening in these instances.

I believe that many of these instances are not Ghost or Spirit sightings at all. I believe what people are seeing is
the actual person(s) or occurrence as it is happening in the past. ( NOT what did happen) ( What IS happening)  I believe that this occurs thru what I call a rip or rift in the fabric of time. Basically a window in time. A vortex if you will. I believe Vortex's are Black Holes. Black holes are widely thought to be enormous in size b y the general public. However, I believe that size has nothing to do with black holes and they do not only have to be in outer space.
Many main stream scientists also believe that time runs in a loop as I do. That everything that happened, happens and will happen, over and over again. Time runs it's course and then starts over. I believe that time runs in a loop too but not in a circle. ( O ) I believe that time runs in a loop more like a figure eight. ( 8 ) But that because time is moving along constantly, the point where the line intersects ( X ), doesn't intersect at the same point but constantly moves back and forth crossing at the same point but at different times. Which is why certain people see these events and not everyone that looks for them. Simply speaking, you have to be at the right place at the right time. 
At the point of where the line intersects is where the door opens or rift occurs revealing an exact time in the past to the person(s) who happen to be in the right place at the right time. This may also explain disappearances. Some may have experienced this phenomena and maybe not knowing of it just walked thru to another time then not knowing how to return became stuck there.

Sort of like in the
movie "Time Bandits".

Except that there is no exact time when the door will open. I don't think as yet...

A story comes to mind that may lend credibility to this theory. It happened at Gettysburg College in the Admin building. The building was used as a hospital during the Civil War battle of Gettysburg as were other places.
A couple of ladies got into an elevator and pushed the button to go to the first floor. The elevator proceeded to go to the basement. When the doors opened. There in front of them were several people in Civil War uniforms and different attire working in some sort of operating room or field hospital. The person at the center of the attention beckoned her to come forth. She did not go but the
doors closed and took her to the floor she first wanted to go to. I wonder if I would have gotten off? So the next time you open a strange door, be prepared...


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