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Here is our "NEW IDEA" for
Recording EVP's

I have adopted a theory of my own regarding EVP's. I still believe EVP's may be spirits but, that EVP's, are not physical sound but electronic impulses picked up by the recorder or tape directly, not by the microphone. Then transformed into sound.
     Now hear me out. Simply put, microphones pick up changes in air pressure. The sound waves are picked up by a microphone which converts them into electronic impulses. These impulses are amplified in the recorder. Then pass through the heads which give out a magnetic impulse and then recorded on the passing tape. Now, roughly speaking, a microphone is designed to pick up physical changes in air pressure and the sound waves are in a range closely comparable to the human ear. 
    This being the case, any EVP picked up by a microphone should be heard by everyone present when it was recorded. However, they almost never are?????  If they are heard then they are physical sound and probably not a spirit. Remember EVP is electronic voice phenomena not spirit voices.
    I believe, that EVP's are the impulses made by the energy produced by an entity and not physical sounds emanating from the entity. So, maybe, in certain conditions it could be directly picked up by a recorder. Maybe the EVP's we are catching are bypassing the microphone and maybe microphones are even interfering with capturing EVP's because they pick up outside physical sounds and we are missing more than capturing.
  Now, I am also experimenting using a tape recorder with a disconnected microphone
in conjunction with my regular & digital recording devices to see if there is a difference, or if one picks up more than the other, etc.
(this is for those of you who are doing or want to do research. Researchers know that you must use all methods available) So for me, this is the next step in recording for EVP's and so far so good.
You can easily disable a recorder microphone if you have an old one. Or, you can just cover the microphone with electrical tape like I do. Just keep putting layer after layer and test it. When you can no longer pick up your voice saying "testing, 1,2,3" then it is ready. This way too, you still have an undamaged recorder if you need it. Just remove the tape. However, you should always use two next to each other when trying this method. This way you cover all bases.

What  equipment you may want to use and what WE Don't Use and Why.

    First and formost pen/pencil and a spiral notebook. Your camera and a audio recorder.

     Recorders...    You may use the recorder instead of the pen and paper however we feel the recorder is best when used as back up for the pen and paper. Also, unless you have a budget like a TV show and can afford a high end recorder. Your recordings will probably not show any definate EVP. Most recordings we have done that have resulted in something being heard, have been interpreted differently by each person who has heard it. However, because of different audio frequencies, and interference, a good recording device that has different speeds may reveal some interesting results. I would just like to reference the discovery in recent history of the sounds emited by elephants that are inaudible to humans. (You may have heard the story) The discovery was made by mistake. A researcher made recordings of a heard of elephants. While listening to the recording and taking notes the researcher mistakenly rewound the tape and palyed it back at the wrong speed. Then they heard a sound they hadn't noticed before. They finally figured out what they had done and then conducted the experiment on purpose and found that elephants do in fact make a sound that cannot be heard by the human ear. (The story may not be exact but it is close) So if you can afford equipement that you can change playback speeds etc. You may get some interesting results. Sony does make an affordable hand held model in the photo above.

EMF meters, etc...     I don't use EMF detectors. 

 Thermometers...   I also don't use thermometers like you see on TV. We can physically feel changes in temperature quicker than most thermometers I know of. So it doesn't make sense for us to use one. I suppose if we had an unlimited budget we could probably find a thermometer that could detect sudden changes in temperature better than we can. Now you are saying to yourself... But they have them on TV and they show sudden changes in temp! Most of the thermometers I have seen on TV are what are called non contact thermometers. They shoot a laser beam at an object and it detects the temp of the object it is pointed at. These are designed so that people do not have to get too close to things that are hot enough to harm them. So when you see someone on TV pointing one of these things and saying that the temps are rapidly changing. The temps are not changing where they are standing but what they are pointing at. So next time look at what they are pointing AT not where they are standing. Are they pointing back and forth over a window, airconditioner or something else that would have a different temp than say the wall? Many people make this mistake and think there is something happening when there isn't.

      Cameras...     Everyone uses cameras. We do too and use the ones pictured but, I am going to Pooh Pooh on the camera idea briefly first. There is one simple, grade school science reason why cameras may not capture a ghost. Ghosts are generally of no substance. So something without substance would not be able to reflect light. Therefore being uable to be photographed. The reason we see at all is because of reflecting light. Now with that said, lets move on and to why we do use cameras.

      We use cameras (video  & still ) to record what we see during the day so we can recreate the scene later at home. This way we can continue the investigation away from the actual scene at our conveinence. Now remember that your camera can and most likely will pick up things you can't explain. We aren't concerned with this. What we are looking for is, picking up something that we didn't see while taking the photography but CAN identify now. Then you know you have something. Shadows, noises, smokey images and Orbs just don't make the grade with us. Now sorry to everyone else but we do not believe an Orb has anything to do with the paranormal. I will leave it at that because a lot of people take offense at those who say orbs aren't paranormal.

One suggestion we have is to get a good digital camera. They can be expensive but you will also use them for your personal use and for many years to come. So we think it is probably the best investment as far as equipment. Since you have a good camera now, don't use the flash. Even with a good camera, flash will cause you to pick up a lot of junk, dust, reflections etc., that some will most certainly and mistakenly attribute to the paranormal.

Now you have been saying to yourself... They have been saying you may not be able to photograph a ghost, so how can people see them and why waste time and money on a good camera etc? Well, now without contridicting myself (which I may do from time to time trying to show both sides) and sounding silly. We believethat there may be certain circumstances that a ghost will turn up on a photo but I don't think it can be deliberately and always done. We think that the reason you can see a ghost may be not only because you can see but because people hold a special bond wtih ghosts. (Ghosts being former people) Also remember that a camera works like your eyes. Your eyes don't work like a camera. Cameras were fashioned from the idea of howthe eye works not the other way around. We believe your eyes can pick up a lot more than a camera.

    Here is my theory of how we may be able to see ghosts. Look at a ghost like a very clean window. Now if you tried to take a photo of it all you would get is what is on the other side. But, if you look at the window at just the right angle in just the right light... you know it's there. How? Well, first of all, you are sure in your mind that it exists, even though you can't actually see it. Second, your eyes are working constantly. Not taking individual still shots but more like a video except your field of view is much better than a camera. So your eyes will catch every minute detail. So unlike a photo, your eyes see more and the connection the living have with ghosts that an inatimate object (camera) doesn't makes it understandable why people see more ghosts than cameras. I do have many theories. Many may contridict each other like I have said but we must look at all angles if we are to find what we are looking for. And I can handle being wrong if someone has proof of something contrary to what I have said. I have no fear of faliure, only of not trying.

    Now here is something that you can try with your photos at home for some interesting results. Load all your digital photos onto your computer.       Then make a separate folder and name it whatever you want. Now open each photo for editing. Go to the top on the tool bar and click on "image". Then click on "invert color". This will change your photo to look like a negative. Now "save as" whatever the original was  with 'neg' designator and then save it to your new folder.  This will allow you to go back later and look at them closely at your lesiure. Why???

    I have done this because it is a known fact that we cannot see every bit of the spectrum of light. Just like we can't hear every level of sound. This process allows us to adjust that somewhat, revealing things that you were unable to see while you were taking the photos in the original light spectrum. I have had interesting results. You know the old saying? My eyes are playing tricks on me...  Well, maybe they aren't. This may help you find out. I  have one more piece of equipment we use.

    Night Vision Scope...   We do use small night vision scopes. They prove to be a valuable asset when traversing dark cooridors etc. They work well and are relativly inexpensive. You can even get them cheap if you buy one used. Try eBay.


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