GhostBreakers  will make all effort NOT to post anything of  questionable content that is open to the interpretation of the individual. We will post our photos that we ourselves cannot explain or have an explanation for. We will not reproduce or post others photos.
All will be explained and I want to make it clear that we are not trying to fool anyone. We are looking for answers too and welcome feedback and your experiences by emailing us at GhostBreakersUSA@GhostBreakers.Com
The first photo below was taken by a professional photographer who is an expert in the art of wet plate photography. It was taken with an 1863 wooden box camera and is a tintype. The photo depicts two of the GhostBreakers posing as Bigfoot hunters as they think Bigfoot hunters would have looked and what they would have done in the 1800's if they found one. Hope you like it.   
     This first photo was taken in the woods of Gettysburg Pa in 100 degree heat. Hence the condition of the tintype. It dried faster than expected but turned out well I think.






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