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For the people in these and surrounding areas. Please click on the appropriate email address to contact us. It helps us keep people in their own categories. 
For those who would like to contact us outside these areas may use any address. 
You must include your email address if you want a response...

New York City and Vicinity:

New Jersey, and Vicinity:

Eastern Pennsylvania and Vicinity:

New England:

Rest of the U.S.A.

Due to time and distance concerns and the fact that we do this for FREE. We have to limit our investigations to certain geographical areas at this time. However, we are always available for questions and consultation for all areas and will forward your requests to a reputable group in your area if necessary.

PLEASE NO phone #'s, residence addresses or detailed descriptions of your situation at initial contact. There is no need at this time. Details will be handled at a later time.

Be assured... We never give out anyone's information to anyone. We will not even use your story on our site without your permission. We also, never ask for or divulge a person's identity or real name for use on our web site. If you would like us to use your first name we may agree to do so, if it is important to the story. However, If you are looking to tell your story and become famous you will need to start your own site or find someone who wishes to exploit you & your story. Sorry...

We also encourage people to contact us with general questions. In many cases some people just need a little guidance to set them on the path of resolving their experiences on their own. If we don't have the answer, we can put you in touch with someone who may. Remember the old saying:   

The only Dumb Question... Is the one that goes unasked!

Media Requests?
Producers, assistants, etc! Please READ below before contacting us.
     We welcome all media requests, with reservations.  Please read the site and make sure we are the type of organization you are looking for. All media requests will be responded to the same day during the normal work week.
    NOTE:  We ARE NOT Ghost Hunters. We don't just run to the local Cemetery with our cameras nor do we just come around at Halloween.  We are not a social group or club. (There is nothing wrong with that. I just want to clarify, that is not what we are)

    We are an investigative team located in 2 states. Unfortunately we cannot just set up an investigation upon request on a couple days notice. It doesn't work that way, sorry.

 An actual REAL investigation takes preparation and coordination between the group members and client to set up.  However, if we have an investigation under way and the owner of the property grants permission for media presence, you will be most welcome. 
We ONLY do investigations of places genuinely believed to have a paranormal presence. We are not pushy nor do we actively HUNT for places for something to do. We are mature professionals who just happen to be interested in the paranormal and just don't work that way. 

    CAUTION:    Regardless of anyone's beliefs, we are serious. If your intent is to poke fun or make light of the Paranormal Community,  you may want to contact one of the thousands of others out there for your entertainment.
    Now, if the above is acceptable we will gladly speak to you regarding contact.

    Lastly, please do not misinterpret the above as being harsh. There are many of us out there that are serious about what we do and don't want to portray the qualified Paranormal Investigator in a bad light. 
Thank you...

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